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Ohio Valley Redcoats

First season: 1993

Years in league: 1993-98

Ballpark: Bennett Stump Field

Parkersburg, WV, had last seen professional baseball in 1931 before the Ohio Valley Redcoats became a charter member of the Frontier League in 1993. The Redcoats played at the Bennett Stump Field, which was originally built in 1925, although the current grandstand was dedicated in 1989.

The Redcoats had a strong second half to advance to the league's first-ever championship playoff, but fell to Zanesville. The 1994 season, however, was all about the Redcoats. They completely dominated the season, winning both halves with a combined 50-17 record. Their .746 winning percentage remains a Frontier League record. Outfielder Corey Morris was the MVP with 21 steals in addition to a .394-19-63 season. He led the league in home runs and RBI, but missed the Triple Crown when Portsmouth's Joe Miller hit .402. Morris was joined in the outfield by Scott Pagano, who hit .384 with 53 steals. Unfortunately, the Redcoats ran into a hot Erie team in the playoffs and were eliminated.

The Redcoats finished over .500 in 1995 but had to settle for fifth place. Then the team fell dramatically. They finished last in both halves of the next three seasons, despite the Frontier League managerial debut of Greg Tagert in 1995. In 1998 fans in Parkersburg were treated to a great season by Kirk Taylor. Taylor had the first 20/20 season in league history, with 21 dingers and 29 steals.

By 1998 the Redcoats were playing in the smallest market in the Frontier League. The team finished last in the league in attendance in both 1997 and 1998. They were moved to Huntingburg, Indiana in 1999 and rechristened the DuBois County Dragons, leaving the Chillicothe Paints as the sole survivor from the league's initial 1993 season.

The Ohio Valley Redcoats franchise returned to the Frontier League in 2005. They split their home games between Lorain, OH, Marietta, OH and Lafayette, IN.

Bennett Stump Field in Parkersburg, WV, home of the Ohio Valley Redcoats

Year   Won   Lost   GB   Finish   Attendance   Manager   Playoffs First Round   Playoffs Second Round
1993   15   14   3.5   2E   16,535   Lee Wrowicki       Lost to Zanesville 2-0
    14   8   --   1E                
1994   26   8   --   1N   24,402   Greg LeMaster   Lost to Erie 2-0    
    24   9   --   1N                
1995   36   34   10.5   5   21,093   Greg Tagert        
1996   14   23   9   4E   30,248   Jim Procopio        
    17   20   8   4E                
1997   10   30   15   4E   18,224   Pete Berrios        
    11   29   14   4E                
1998   15   24   7.5   4E   23,933   Greg LeMaster/Tom Waelchli        
    11   28   14   4E                

Major Award Winners:

1994 Corey Morris, Most Valuable Player

1994 Greg LeMaster, Manager Of the Year

Redcoats Post-Season All-Stars:

1994 SS Andy Sreboski; OF Corey Morris; OF Scott Pagano; P Brad Keely

1998 OF Kirk Taylor

Players on FL Tenth Anniversary All-Star Team:

1B Darrell Fatzinger (1994-97)

OF Corey Morris (1994)

OF Scott Pagano (1994)

OF Kirk Taylor (1998)

Franchise Player: 1B Darrell Fatzinger (1994-97) is the Redcoats' career home run leader. He was voted to the league's Tenth Anniversary All-Star Team.

Redcoats in the majors: P Brendan Donnelly (1994) has arguably been the most successful former Frontier League player to play in the majors. Pitching for the Anaheim Angels in 2002, Donnelly became the first former FL player to appear in the World Series. He was the winning pitcher in game six. In 2003 he became the first former FL player to play in the major league all-star game. He pitched a scoreless eighth inning and was the winning pitcher.