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Read the history of the Frontier League by those who made it!

George Brumfield   Manager   West Virginia   1993
Chris Calciano   Infielder   Tri-State   1993
Bobby Chandler   Pitcher   Chillicothe/Richmond/Johnstown   1998-2002
Sean Economou   Pitcher   Ohio Valley   1997
Billy Emerson   Pitcher   Newark   1994
Phil Giubileo   Broadcaster   River City   2002-2004
Andrew Huling   Outfielder   DuBois County/Kenosha   2002-2003
Joe Kalczynski   Catcher   DuBois County/River City/Windy City   2001-2004
James Molinari   OF-2B   Canton/Gateway/River City   2000-2003
Scott Pinoni   First Baseman   Chillicothe   1996, 98-99
John Poss   Third Baseman   Richmond/Kalamazoo/Canton/Johnstown   1998-2002
Britton Scheibe   Outfielder   Erie   1994
Tom Swoboda   Umpire       2000-2004

If you were a player or official in the Frontier League and would like to share your memories with visitors to this site, click here.